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Our Love Will Destroy The World - Stillborn Plague Angels (Vinyl, LP)

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  1. Anybody who paid attention to Trent Reznor's post-Nine Inch Nails project How to Destroy Angels' two EPs would not be shocked by the coolly meditative nature of their full-length debut, Welcome Oblivion, but if there happens to be a NIN fan coming to this LP cold -- odds aren't great, but stranger things have happened -- they're likely to be shocked by how aggressive this album isn't.
  2. Our Love Will Destroy The World, ‘Stillborn Plague Angels’ (fade) From Stillborn Plague Angels, GERMANY DEKORDER 30 LP () Naked Continue reading 17/02/ Ed Pinsent.
  3. Feb 14,  · Χθες συναντησα τη πιο ειλικρινη μορφη εκφρασης της γιορτης του Αγιου Βαλεντινου εξω απο το γειτονικο sex shop. Ο ιδιοκτητης του φροντισε να.
  4. Mar 20,  · Vinyl Lyrics: If our love was a song, girl / I'd play it all night long, girl / I tell you what I'd put it on, girl / I'd put it on vinyl / A little rock, a little Motown / You got that baby.
  5. OUR LOVE WILL DESTROY THE WORLD - STILLBORN PLAGUE ANGELS (LP by Dekorder) XELA - THE ILLUMNINATED (LP by Dekorder) STEPHAN MATHIEU - THE KEY TO THE KINGDOM (10" by Dekorder) These three releases by Germany's Dekorder may be three sides of the drone coin, each operating from a different perspective.
  6. Our Love Will Destroy The World Vinyl, Vinyl LP (KRLP) In stock and ready to ship. Artist(s): Our Love Will Destroy The World; Our Love Will Destroy The World I Hate Even Numbers. Sold out. Our Love Will Destroy The World Stillborn Plague Angels. Sold out. Our Love Will Destroy The World Beautiful Monolith Two. Sold out. Our Love.
  7. After getting the first EP, and enjoying the heck out of it, and then the second EP, which was a preview of this full album, i'm pretty pleased with the direction and sounds being shown in How to Destroy Angels. i'm a long time Nine Inch Nails fan, so this was an automatic interest to me, and an automatic buy/5().
  8. **Coruscating, plunderphonic noise harmonics from the Birchville Cat Motel dude. RIYL Wanda Group, Bellows, listening to 10 blown out and badly tuned radios at the same time. Limited to pro dubbed pink tapes with on body printing** Oh the joy! Funnelling the customary tanned-hide skree of this long-running, post-everything-else, overamplified, eternal-cresendo into shapes reminiscent of.

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