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David Ross (22) - I Wish That I Had Loved You Better (Vinyl)

8 thoughts on “ David Ross (22) - I Wish That I Had Loved You Better (Vinyl)

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  4. I Wish I Could Have Loved You More Lyrics: I wish I could have loved you more / I wish I could have loved you more / And ever since that day / I had to say goodbye / How I've longed to change my.
  5. Dec 27,  · Written by Chick Rains. Released in July from the album "I Wish I Had Loved You Better", it reached #
  6. I wish I'd never loved you I wish I'd never wanted you so much And never thrilled to your touch And I would not be lonely and crying And hurting deep inside Alone with a need that can't be satisfied I wish I'd never loved you I wish I'd never given you my heart And watch you tear it all apart And I would not be tortured, tormented and cheated.
  7. New remix album with Eric Kupper twiddling the knobs. Universal Music is to release Supertonic mixes, a new Diana Ross remix album in June. The remixes are by producer Eric Kupper and are all created from the original multi-track masters taken from the Motown vaults, although this shouldn’t be confused with remix projects that limit themselves to ONLY audio on the multi-tracks (e.g. Blank.

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