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  1. Blassie came up with his famous "pencil-neck geek" catchphrase early in his career to describe a fellow carnival performer known as "The Geek", who bit the heads off chickens and snakes. Blassie described this geek as having a neck like a stack of dimes, and that he was a real pencil-neck geek.
  2. 1. A grit-eatin' freak 2. A scum suckin' pea-head with a lousy physique 3. A one man, no good, losing streak.
  3. Mar 28,  · "Little pencil-neck Adam Schiff. He's got the smallest, thinnest neck I've ever seen," the president said. "He is not a long-ball hitter, but I saw him today, 'Well we don't really know, there.
  4. pencil-neck definition: Noun (plural pencil-necks) 1. A person with a very thin neck. 2. (idiomatic, US, pejorative) An insubstantial person; a cethischillbinderbandinadar.xyzinfo pencil-neck from systems isn't going tell me what I can't cethischillbinderbandinadar.xyzinfo pencil + neck.
  5. Mar 27,  · Trump ridiculed Schiff on Wednesday during a meeting with House Republicans at the White House, repeatedly calling him “pencil neck” according to Politico.. The nickname was coined by Rush Limbaugh as far back as March , who continues to refer to the Intelligence chairman as “pencil neck.”. The California Congressman became a staple on cable news shows during the two .
  6. The Pencil Art of Owen Garratt Why Pencil? Partial colorblindness, and a desire to expand the limitations of the medium. “People understand pencils; everyone’s used them, they’re everywhere, and you can grab one and begin with no fuss or bother.
  7. Welcome to the Schiff Show. CHAPPAQUA, NY—In a recent interview from her wine cellar this week, Hillary Clinton revealed some of her favorite methods for dealing with stress.
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  9. Mar 29,  · Now Pencil Neck, it's being recycled. But Freddie Blassie is the original guy that coined all this, and that has to be said. View Comments. Sponsored Content. Sponsored Content. About Rush Limbaugh. Want to know more about Rush Limbaugh? Get his official bio, social pages & articles on iHeartRadio Read More.

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