Interlude: I Hear Your Flesh Crawling Now... - Tombstones (5) - Not For The Squeamish (CD, Album)

8 thoughts on “ Interlude: I Hear Your Flesh Crawling Now... - Tombstones (5) - Not For The Squeamish (CD, Album)

  1. 5. Interlude: Ghostly Tales of Dread Show lyrics (loading lyrics) 6. A Cold Encounter Show lyrics (loading lyrics) 7. Elixir of Evil (loading lyrics) 8. Interlude: I Hear Your Flesh Crawling Now Show lyrics (loading lyrics) 9. Meet the Reaper Show lyrics (loading lyrics) Interlude: One for.
  2. The guitars are fairly average, not too technical and not too boring although I will say that they are a tad bit on the unoriginal side, a few of these riffs are recycled and I don't think there was a single guitar solo anywhere on the album and a few of the breakdowns are a little TOO overused but overall it's not a bad album.
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  6. The delivery is mostly mid-paced in the 1st half, with a steam-roller-like delivery not too far from the Brits Cerebral Fix, but in the 2nd one one can hear quite a few faster twists ala the Bay-Area ("Return Of The Flesh") or Slayer (the aggressive bomb "Struck In The Honour (September 11 )").
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  8. Not for the Squeamish by TOMBSTONES, released 21 July 1. Intro: A Few Tales of Murder 2. Not for the Squeamish 3. Interlude: His Most Ghastly Operation 4. Shriek Well Before Dying 5. Interlude: Ghostly Tales of Dread 6. A Cold Encounter 7. Elixir of Evil 8. Interlude: I Hear Your Flesh Crawling Now 9. Meet the Reaper Interlude: One for You Grave-Dwellers

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