Hard Drivin Days

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  1. Overview. Hard Drivin' is a first-person racing game developed by Domark, Binary Design and Tengen for the cethischillbinderbandinadar.xyzinfo game was primarily published by Atari and released in February Ports for the Genesis, Lynx, NES and various PC systems were released in the following years.. Gameplay. The original arcade game features a full sit-down cabinet, complete with an early force feedback enabled.
  2. Hard Drivin' is a high speed stunt racing game. The most notable feature about the game are the many stunt loops and hazards that are in the way of the player. Developers: Atari Games Applied Research Group, Tengen, Sterling Silver Software, Domark.
  3. Shakatak made some superb music in their early days, but to me, they have never bettered Drivin' Hard, which is their debut album. It is mainly instrumental with vocals produced through a vocoder and female vocals added to a couple of the track. This is a really good album with /5(28).
  4. Hard Drivin’ was the second racing game to render in 3D polygons (Winning Run being the first), offering an experience far removed from the 2D procedural style associated with the fantastic OutRun, Super Hang-On and Pole Position. For the sake of 20p a go, a few minutes of racing might’ve been quite magical at one of the run-down amusement.
  5. Hard Drivin' is not just the best game on offer - it's a whole new driving experience. How would you like to test drive a high-powered sports car on a stunt course? Have you ever jumped a drawbridge or driven a loop-the-loop? Now's your chance! Or maybe high-speed driving is your idea of excitement. Step on the gas and try to keep control while.
  6. Hard Drivin' I first met Mark Morris -- a veteran programmer of video games and photo apps and everything in-between -- back in Mark had come across a post I'd written about the unreleased version of Atari's Hard Drivin' he'd programmed for the NES long ago. We talked a bit and, it turned out, we both found ourselves recent transplants to the San Francisco Bay Area, so we met up at a.
  7. The Hard Drivin' coin-operated Videogame by Atari Games (circa ), and it's history and background, photos, repair help, manuals, for sale and wanted lists, and census survey is brought to you by The International Arcade Museum at the Museum fo the Game.
  8. Hard drivin' days And those hard livin' ways Late night fights and those red-eye flights From New York to L.A. Hard drivin' days And those hard livin' ways Late night flights and barroom fights All along the way One more big show It's the last one to go Gotta run, gotta have some fun.

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